XBox Division at Microsoft

by Miguel de Icaza

For about a year I have been trying to find someone in the XBox360 division at Microsoft that we can talk to about bringing Mono to the XBox360 to allow C/C++ developers to script their applications with the high performing C#, Boo or the Iron* languages as opposed to interpreters.

A year ago Mono could not target the XBox360 as apparently this platform, like the iPhone, does not support JITing. Mono now supports full static compilation of .NET code into native code before deployment and we would very much like to bring this to the XBox360.

If you are a Microsofty and you know how to get a hold of someone on the XBox360 group in the Middleware division and you could hook us up, I would love if you could arrange an introduction.

Posted on 03 Feb 2009