First Mono-game hits the Apple AppStore

by Miguel de Icaza

Blurst's Raptor Copter game built using Unity3D and Mono just hit the Apple AppStore.

From the announcement:

Raptor Copter has become our first Unity-made iPhone game to hit the App Store! We’re making it available for a limited-time price of $0.99. The game is a loose follow-up to Off-Road Velociraptor Safari. Instead of a jeep, you have a Chinook helicopter, but the basic game loop is the same: Capture raptors, drop them into factories, and teleport their sweet meats to the future.

You can get it for your iPod Touch or iPhone from this Raptor Copter iTunes Link.

Cute video:

Unity3D is using Mono's full static compilation to allow the game to run JIT-less and interpreter-less on the iPhone.

Posted on 06 Jan 2009