Mono and Qt

by Miguel de Icaza

The KDE folks have created some brilliant bindings for Mono and .NET called Qyoto.

But there is nothing like a polished application to really test the bindings. This week Eric Butler announced Synapse: an advanced Instant Messaging platform.

This is the first large application built with Qt/Qyoto/Mono and it is a beautiful application:

I had a chance to see Synapse live a couple of weeks ago in Seattle when we met Eric for dinner. Eric has written a very polished application. This is what love does to software.

Congratulations to Eric for the release of his app, to the Qymono crowd for creating these polished applications and Nokia/Trolltech for releasing Qt under the LGPL license.

Developers interested in doing Qyoto development with MonoDevelop can take advantage of the QyotoDevelop add-in that Eric created as well. This add-in generates code from the Qt Designers UI files (click for a screenshot).

Posted on 16 Mar 2009