Moonlight 1.9 and Ogg

by Miguel de Icaza

As I mentioned on a previous post Silverlight 3 opens the doors for developers to plug their own Codecs into the Silverlight media pipeline.

Only a few hours later I read on twitter that Atsushi and Rolf has implemented not only the Ogg/Vorbis Codec for Silverlight 3, but also implemented the Silverlight 3 API in Moonlight:

This means that you can now use your Silverlight-based players to playback Ogg/Vorbis content. Theora and Dirac are still missing, but with the sample code that we now have, it is going to be merely a weekend hack to get it done. Fluendo has a nice implementation of both already in Java.

Update on May 6th, 2009: open source implementations of Dirac, Vorbis and adpcm now live in the mooncodecs module.

Update: link fixed.

You can see the sample in action in Atsushi's test page.

Like Jo said on IRC:

it also works on SL3 though. that's the bit that excites me, since it means we have proper cross-platform playback with Free codecs *today* working in most browsers that matter

In the words of Annie Hall: La de da.

Go Moonlight Go!

Posted on 24 Mar 2009