Developing Silverlight Apps on Linux and MacOS with Moonlight

by Miguel de Icaza

Earlier this week I promised I would blog about how to build Silverlight apps in Linux. Michael beat me to this and did a couple of screencasts.

In Moonlight Development in Linux with MonoDevelop he walks us through the steps necessary to install the Moonlight SDK on top of Mono 2.4 and using MonoDevelop to create your app. Once you get these installed, here is how you get started with development:

To render this content, you need Silverlight or Moonlight Preview or Silverlight

MonoDevelop will provide auto-complete for the Silverlight APIs and also provide auto-complete in XAML files.

In addition to Linux, you can also use MonoDevelop on OSX to do the same thing. We shipped Moonlight's SDK as part of the MonoDevelop/OSX release, the result runs with Microsoft's Silverlight.

Michael again talks about it and produced a nice screencast:


Posted on 08 May 2009