Moonlight 2 Preview 2

by Miguel de Icaza

As we promised last week (threatened?) now that the foundation for Moonlight 2 is in place, we will be doing weekly releases for folks to try out, and to increase the feedback that we have received.

Thanks to everyone that provided bug reports and contacted us about the problems with last week's preview. In particular the issue affecting Ubuntu and SLED 10 users has been fixed and the plugin should work.

If you installed Moonlight already, you can update either by restarting Firefox or by following these steps:

  • Click Tools/Addons
  • Click on the "Extensions" toolbar icon.
  • Click "Find Updates":
  • This will check for updates, and take you to the updates tab. Then clikc "Install Updates".

    If you have not installed Moonlight yet and want to try it out, go to

    This release fixes various rendering problems, more sites should be working and the performance was increased in multiple hot spots.

  • Posted on 12 May 2009