MonoSpace Conference in Austin - October 27 through 30

by Miguel de Icaza

Over the past few weeks, the final details of the program for the Monospace Conference have been announced, and now the event is just less than two weeks away. Some key details you may have missed:

  • The Monspace conference features 2 days of workshops and 2 days of Open Space sessions.
  • The full conference agenda has been posted, and now includes a full day of MonoTouch training (Mono for the iPhone).
  • The two-day open space sessions will be kicked off on Thursday with an Open Source Panel featuring Sam Ramji (CodePlex Foundation), Ayende Rahien (NHibernate and Castle Contributor), and Glenn Block (Managed Extensibility Framework) and moderated by Rod Paddock, Editor of CoDe Magazine.
  • The famous, prolific and thorough Ayende Rahien will be speaking on NHibernate.
  • Microsoft's own Glenn will be talking about the Managed Extesibility Framework.
  • M David Peterson will be discussing Mono on Amazon EC2.
  • The ThoughtWorks crew will be talking about F# on Mono.
  • Eric Hexter from Headsprings will be covering ASP.NET MVC.

From the Mono team, various engineers will be presenting on special topics:

  • Larry Ewing will talk about the Moonlight, the open source implementation from
  • Aaron Bockover will talk about cross platform GUI development with Gtk#.
  • Geoff Norton will discuss development with MonoTouch on the iPhone.
  • Jackson Harper will talk about ASP.NET MVC development with Mono and Joseph Hill will discuss Mono Tools for Visual Studio.
  • Rodrigo Kumpera from our JIT team will do a low-level talk on Mono's Virtual Machine covering some of the innovations on the VM that are Mono-specific.
  • And I will focus on the schmoozing.

The Monospace conference will be held in Austin, TX on Tuesday, October 27 through Friday, October 30. To register for the event, visit the Monospace Conference Registration Page.

Check the program for more information.

Registered Monospace attendees will receive a $150 discount on MonoTouch, if they purchase in the month of October.

Posted on 16 Oct 2009