MonoTouch Resources

by Miguel de Icaza

While I was gone, a pretty nice site called MonoTouch.infowas created that is aggregating all kinds of MonoTouch samples, posts, and discussions.

From the MonoTouch Bill Splitter page.

It is aggregating many of the samples being discussed in the tweetosphere and from the MonoTouch mailing list.

The samples are particularly useful as MonoTouch merges two worlds: .NET development and Objective-C programming on the iPhone/iTouch.

MonoTouch supports the Objective-C like setup where classes can respond to messages and you have to structure your code with MVC patterns. But it also supports the C# event-style programming mode, where developers can use lambda functions to hook up to interesting events.

You can also follow @monotouchinfo on twitter.

Posted on 01 Sep 2009