Comment Policy on my Blog

by Miguel de Icaza

Here is a rough draft of the comment policy for my blog.

When you come to my blog to comment, you are a guest in my blog and your opinions are hosted there in the same way that you would be hosted if you showed up at my place to chat.

So standard rules of social engagement are required. If you are unable to operate under regular social situations and you feel the need to insult others or myself in my blog, not only you are not welcome, but your comment will not show up and will be promptly deleted.

Constructive criticism is always welcome on my blog, now

If you feel the need to be rude, offensive, lie or you are intentionaly trying to start a fight, I encourage to do that in your blog.

If you can not articulate your thoughts without attacking and you can not keep your temper in check, I encourage to do that on your own blog.

Trolling will be removed.

Posted on 25 Sep 2009