Branching for Mono 2.6

by Miguel de Icaza

Today Andrew branched Mono trunk for the Mono 2.6 release.

Mono 2.6 is the last release that will support the mscorlib 1.1 profile and the C# 1.0 compiler. We are now moving to a pure generics world with Mono.

Update: Specifically, we will be removing the 1.0 assemblies from the build, the mcs.exe command will now point to gmcs.exe, all of the xxx1 command versions will be eliminated and all of the conditional code in the Mono class libraires that depended on NET_1_0 and NET_1_1 will be removed.

As for the Mono 2.6 release notes: we will put those together in the next few days. Please be patient.

Posted on 25 Sep 2009