MonoReports: Report Designer and Reporting Engine

by Miguel de Icaza

This is quite cool, Tomasz Kubacki has released a report engine and designer that runs on Mono:

MonoReports has a nice Gtk# based GUI designer that runs on Linux, Mac and Windows and can generate reports that you can later run GUI-less.

From Tomasz announcement:

  • Simple layouting - if control in section is growable and will grow due to assigned data, engine will do layouting to make report look properly
  • Page breaking - Monoreports engine will break or keep together report sections whatever is needed
  • Generating and running reports from designer and code.
  • PDF export
  • Reporting engine is not tightly coupled with gtk/cairo stuff, therefore it's reasonably easy to write new export backends (e.g. html, or xls for example).

He also made a six minute video walkthrough of MonoReports's features.

Posted on 09 Dec 2010