MeeGo Support in MonoDevelop

by Miguel de Icaza

We just landed the support on MonoDevelop's trunk to support developing applications that target MeeGo powered devices.

MeeGo is a Linux-based operating system designed to run on mobile computers, embedded systems, TVs and phones. Developers would not typically use a MeeGo device as a development platform, but as a deployment platform.

So it made sense for us to leverage the work that we have done in MonoDevelop to support the iPhone to support MeeGo. Unlike MonoTouch, we are not limited to running on a Mac, you can use MonoDevelop on Windows, Linux and OSX to target Meego Devices.

Developers would continue using their Linux Workstation, their Windows PC, or their Mac to develop and test and the resulting cross-platform binary can be deployed and debugged remotely over the wire using Mono's Soft Debugger.

In this video, I interview Michael Hutchinson as he demostrates the developer experience:

The MonoDevelop/Mono that we will be supporting is entirely Gtk# based, both during development as well as during deployment.

Posted on 22 Feb 2010