Spaniard Anger Towards Mexicans

by Miguel de Icaza

It has been brought to my attention that the upcoming 200 year celebration of Mexico's independence from Spain on September 15th has lead to office unrest all across the country between teams that have both Mexicans and Spaniards working side-by-side.

Spain might have won the world cup, but Mexico upgraded from being a colony of Spain and being subject to the will of the Kings of Spain, to a democracy subject to the will of drug dealers.

To resolve this animosity, I propose we settle the score this September 15th with a cook-off between Spaniard food and Mexican food.

I propose the cook-off from the Novell/Cambridge team be held at my place the weekend before the festivities to settle the score before the celebrations take place. We will make delicious tacos. Gonzalo will be making a Paella.

Posted on 17 Jul 2010