Moonlight 3.0, Preview 7

by Miguel de Icaza

Chris Toshok has just announced our 7th preview of Moonlight 3.0. You can get it from our preview site.

What is new in this release:

  • Roughly API complete to SL4.0 beta. Next preview will be API compatible with SL 4.0 RTW.
  • Video capture support, but support for pixel formats is sparse. right now the supported formats are YUYV and YV12/YUV420 (planar).
  • SSE2 fast paths for gradient fills in the embedded pixman/cairo, this improves performance significantly as some people seem to have discovered the use of gradients.
  • Fixes for chrome support and to our curl bridge.
  • Several html bridge fixes.
  • element to element binding.
  • Client HTTP stack
  • cascading (BasedOn) styles are now supported
  • new right-click dialog so we can (finally!) managed isostore usage.

Posted on 18 Jun 2010