Shipping Smiles on the AppStore

by Miguel de Icaza

Happy days at Mono Central. Just a few months ago we decided that we should apply the lessons learned from MonoTouch to Mono on the Mac and we built a new set of .NET APIs for developing native Mac applications. We called this MonoMac.

We recently brought tears of joy to developers by shipping it.

MonoMac will be a great tool to build native Mac application using your favorite .NET programming language.

We clearly have to take this to the next step as MonoMac is merely a binding to .NET. We are going to have to extend MonoDevelop to create fully self-contained applications that embed both your application, any library dependencies that it needs as well as the Mono runtime.

The above really had not been my priority, as far as I was concerned "Download Mono and Install it" was a perfectly suitable solution. So you have Apple to thank for my change of heart.

Hopefully we will have an experience as smooth as the MonoTouch experience has been.

Posted on 20 Oct 2010