Great News for MonoTouch Users

by Miguel de Icaza

Apple has removed the restrictions that were introduced earlier this year (the famous section 3.3.1).

Although Apple had not blocked any MonoTouch applications since the new rules were introduced, many developers either took a wait-and-see approach, or switched their development. We never stopped working on MonoTouch, just yesterday we released MonoTouch support for the new iOS 4.1 APIs. We did this within eight hours of the new operating system going public.

With these new terms, the ambiguity is gone and C# lovers and enthusiasts can go back to using MonoTouch. Developers that like garbage collection and their strongly typed languages can resume their work.

In addition, Apple has published their detailed review guidelines for application developers. This should help developers get their apps approved. And the MonoTouch Book is a great way to get started.

Thank you!

We would like to thank the MonoTouch community that stayed by our side all along and helped us improve MonoTouch and continued to build great applications during this time.

Those of us that have a crush on iOS and .NET are grateful to Apple and the Apple employees that helped make these changes happen.

Expanded MonoTouch iOS investment

Although we continued to extend, improve and polish MonoTouch the older terms made it harder to justify taking on some larger tasks, the risk was high.

We had some big projects in mind for MonoTouch. We are going to start prioritizing these new features, but we want to hear from our users, and we want to know what is more important to you. Please fill out this survey to tell us what do you think it would be more important to bring to MonoTouch.

We will balance your input with our own "gut" (we would not be truth to the Stephen Colbert spirit if we didn't).

....and discounts!

Joseph Hill has just told me that we are doing a 15% discount for the next two weeks for anyone buying MonoTouch. Use discount code "MONO-331" on

We have also a surprise in store for existing MonoTouch customers that we will be announcing next week.

Posted on 09 Sep 2010