Saturday Mono Update

by Miguel de Icaza

Following a long established tradition of doing a quick Mono update after we do a major release, we released Mono 2.10.1 to the world.

There are four big features in this release that we backported from our master branch in addition to some 25 fresh bug fixes:

  • Support for running OrchardCMS on Linux. We also wrote a PostgreSQL backend for it. You can find the patches in this discussion.
  • The Parallel Framework's Default task scheduler has been switched to use our new and improved internal threadpool that we introduced with Mono 2.10. Previously it used its own (and amazing) scheduler, but did not share the same properties as .NET as there were by default two active threadpools, now there is only one.
  • Plenty of updates to the WCF stack.
  • OSX is a fast growing OS for Mono, this release brings performance counters for OSX as well as adding debugging symbols to all of our libraries if you install the CSDK package from our download page.

There were also three important regressions from Mono 2.8 that have been fixed. We encourage everyone to use Mono 2.10.1.

Posted on 26 Feb 2011