Your Own Sandbox

by Miguel de Icaza

Since the beginning of time, men have sought to find a way of creating a sandbox for untrusted code running on their Mono virtual machine.

Those of you familiar with Silverlight's security system, commonly referred as CoreCLR Security, have wondered "how can I get me some of dat". Today Sebastien wrote a How-to guide for those of you interested in creating your own secure sandboxes like Moonlight or Unity3D have done.

From his blog:

So what was missing was not facts but orientation. It kind of make sense, most people are not doing an open source implementation of Silverlight, we are. However we're providing a lot of cool (yes it is ;-) stuff within - stuff, like coreclr, xaml, the cecil-based linker... that can be reused in other projects. So the missing piece is an how to for people wishing to enable CoreCLR when embeding mono in their own application. It does not bring a lot of new facts but, hopefully, it will order them in a more useful way.

Posted on 13 Jan 2011