Updated Documentation Site

by Miguel de Icaza

Jeremie Laval has upgraded our Web-based documentation engine over at docs.go-mono.com. This upgrade brings a few features:

New Look: Base on Jonathan Pobst's redesign, this is what our documentation looks like now:

Better Links: Links to pages on the site will now properly open the left-side tree to the documentation you linked to. This has been an open request for about six years, and it got finally implemented.

Search: the search box on the web site uses Lucene to search the text on the server side, and shows you the matching results as you type:

Easier to Plug: MonoDoc/Web now easily supports loading documentation from alternate directories, it is no longer limited to loading the system-configured documentation.

No more frames: For years we used frames for the documentation pages. They had a poor experience and made the code uglier. They are now gone.

Powered by Mono's SGen: We have reduced the memory consumption of our web documentation by switching to Mono's Generational GC from Boehm's. The load on the server is lower, responses are faster and we scale better.

The source code changes are now on GitHub in the webdoc module.

We have also added Google Analytics support to our web site to help us determine which bits of documentation are more useful to you.

Posted on 22 Nov 2011