MonoDevelop 2.6 is out

by Miguel de Icaza

Lluis just released the final version of MonoDevelop 2.6.

This release packs a lot of new features, some of my favorite features in this release are:

  • Git support.
    • It not only provides the regular source code control commands, it adds full support for the various Git idioms not available in our Subversion addin.
    • Based on Java's JGit engine
    • Ported to C# using db4Object's sharpen tool. Which Lluis updated significantly
    • Logging and Blaming are built into the editor.
  • Mac support:
    • Our fancy MonoMac support lets you build native Cocoa applications. If you have not jumped into this Steve Jobs Love Fest, you can get started with our built-in templates and our online API documentation.
    • Native File Dialogs! We now use the operating system file dialogs, and we even used our own MonoMac bindings to get this done.
    • You can also check my Mac/iOS-specific blog for more details.
  • Unified editor for Gtk#, ASP.NET, MonoTouch and MonoDroid: we no longer have to track various forks of MonoDevelop, they have all converged into one tree.

The above is just a taste of the new features in MonoDevelop 2.6. There are many more nominate your own!

Congratulations to the MonoDevelop team on the great job they did!

And I want to thank everyone that contributed code to MonoDevelop, directly or indirectly to make this happen.

Posted on 07 Sep 2011