by Miguel de Icaza

Flew to Mexico City, Arturo picked me up at the airport.

Later that night we had dinner at El Cambalache (Mancha's favorite meat restaurant).

Mono-C# compiler

Finally finished all the switch statement. The only bit missing now is `goto default'.

Working on airplanes is excellent. I love working without a network connection to distract me.

Posted on 27 Nov 2001


by Miguel de Icaza

Back from New York at 1pm. The train from New York to Boston is pretty nice. You get to go to the coffee wagon, chill, get a spacious seat and they have AC power plugs for laptops.

Posted on 26 Nov 2001


by Miguel de Icaza

I hug out all day with Mauricio. We mostly went restaurant and coffee hoping all day until it was time for the Jaguares Concert.

We ran into a few other friends at the concert, it was pretty good, but I had the feeling that the singer was in some kind of rush to finish singing a song. I might go see them again in Boston on December 15th.

Posted on 25 Nov 2001


by Miguel de Icaza

On my way to New York to meet Mauricio and to go see the Jaguares concert tomorrow.

Posted on 24 Nov 2001


by Miguel de Icaza

Switch statement in progress; Helped Ravi with the code to initialize arrays with non-static data.

Posted on 23 Nov 2001


by Miguel de Icaza

Went to the movies with Tuomas, Radek, Duncan and Chema to see Spy Game.

Posted on 21 Nov 2001


by Miguel de Icaza

Staples happened to sell the Envision 17" LCD monitor. It is cheap, gorgeous and easy to carry around.

Posted on 20 Nov 2001


by Miguel de Icaza

My new computer has arrived. A nice and shiny HP desktop for home use. It came with a copy of Windows XP Home edition, pre-installed and with no CD to reinstall it.

As I tried to purchase a computer screen, I found out that MicroCenter had some pretty juicy screens, but they were expensive. And CompuUSA Cambridge is no more. They shut down.

Posted on 19 Nov 2001


by Miguel de Icaza

Howard Zinn's article on "A Just Cause, Not a Just War" appeared re-printed in Mexico's Jornada newspaper today. You can read more at ZMag

MIT Social Justice Cooperative produced two fliers One and two.

An interview with Eqbal Ahmad, a Pakistani Scholar-activist that died on May 11, 1999 on the Taliban, Afganistan.

Yossou N'Dur: ``The next song is for all kids that suffer; Kids are the first victims of repression, Seven Seconds''

Operation Enduring Freedom, bringing Infinite Justice to people all over the world (click on images for details not on TV)


This page has good links on alternative News Sites

In other news, Oliver Stone's movie JFK had an interesting side effect. Worth keeping in mind when you read Richard Stallman's opinion on today events.

Posted on 15 Nov 2001


by Miguel de Icaza

There is only one thing I have been afraid all of my life as a programmer (besides revere engineering device drivers) and it is to implement pointer dereference.

I have never been able to figure out why I am afraid of it, it seems pretty simple in theory, specially with the CIL bytecodes. But there is still something unknown in there that makes me afraid of it. It is definitely material for my shrink to study.

Anyways, in case you were wondering, I am still stuck in mutator unary operators while Dietmar hacked ValueType support and Paolo is quickly fixing System.Reflection.Emit bugs and Dick is busy finishing the threading/locking semantics of Mono to mimic the ones in Win32


I have been sprinkling my web page with a few pictures that I have taken. I also discovered that the HTML table tag is not as hard to use as I thought. One item less for the shrink.

Posted on 12 Nov 2001

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