Porto Alegre

by Miguel de Icaza

We decided to escape the sordid Boston winter and are currently refugees in the southern hemisphere.

Am doing a Linux Desktop/Mono talk on Thursday at 5pm. I have no idea where it is yet though.

Posted on 20 Dec 2005

Iraq in Robert Fisk's book

by Miguel de Icaza

Doug pointed me to an online copy of Robert Fisk's chapter on Iraq that I mentioned last night.

The online copy is limited to the 1917 invasion. It is part of the various teasers that the Independent published in advance of the release of Robert's book. I strongly recommend folks to get the book for the rest of the goods.

Posted on 19 Dec 2005

Iraq's Past

by Miguel de Icaza

I bought my copy of Robert Fisk's The Great War for Civilization: The Conquest of the Middle East his latest book on the various conflicts in the middle-east. I will likely talk more about the book in the future as it is packed with gems.

I have been savoring this book for a while, not wanting to read it very quickly, I have paced myself and allowing myself sometime to research some of the stories and compare notes with other texts on the various events he describes.

Anyways, tonight I reached the chapter on the formation of modern Iraq. The stories, the anecdotes and the background information in here justify getting the book, even if you only read this chapter.

Iraq is a hot topic of debate and has been covered non-stop for the last couple of years but the information I found on this chapter is all fresh.

The chapter begins with the liberation of Iraq by the British troops in 1917; the proclamations of "we come here as liberators"; the early mistakes of the British invaders which would lead to an insurgency that they would not be able to control. The similarities with the current invasion are striking, down to 'we can not leave Iraq now, have to finish the job'.

It gets better and better on every page. I won't spoil the rest, but its a great educational read.

Posted on 19 Dec 2005

Christmas Fun

by Miguel de Icaza

This is pretty fun: http://fuckchristmas.org/:

Some background for those not living in the US: for the past few months Fox News has managed a great campaign about how Christmas is under siege. The debate over water coolers across the United States revolves around important matters like what is more appropriate `Happy Holidays' vs `Merry Christmas'. Am not kidding.


Posted on 17 Dec 2005

Mono Debugger

by Miguel de Icaza

Martin has announced a new release of the Mono Debugger.

This is the first time that I have been able to use the debugger for a real application. It still has a few rough edges, but at least its working.

The documentation for the command line interface can be found here.

Posted on 16 Dec 2005


by Miguel de Icaza

Just got back from watching Syriana. Loved it.

Posted on 12 Dec 2005

Human Development Trends

by Miguel de Icaza

Various statistics of human development trends in flash-tutorial form here http://gapminder.org/.

Posted on 10 Dec 2005

Harold Pinter's Nobel Prize Lecture

by Miguel de Icaza

A transcript is available here.

Political language, as used by politicians, does not venture into any of this territory since the majority of politicians, on the evidence available to us, are interested not in truth but in power and in the maintenance of that power. To maintain that power it is essential that people remain in ignorance, that they live in ignorance of the truth, even the truth of their own lives. What surrounds us therefore is a vast tapestry of lies, upon which we feed.

Posted on 08 Dec 2005

Mono goes to Munich

by Miguel de Icaza

I will be in Munich this week. Drop me an email if you want to meet. My schedule is a bit compact, but if you are interested you can join me and others for lunch or dinner Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

Posted on 06 Dec 2005

Jonathan Chambers Screenshots COM in Mono

by Miguel de Icaza

Jonathan has posted a screenshot of his COM support for Mono. The sample shows Mono launching Excel with COM interop.

Check Jonathan blog for more information on his effort to support COM and its variants in Mono.

Posted on 03 Dec 2005

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