Wanted: Game Console

by Miguel de Icaza

Having missed on games for the past 15 years last year I finally got myself a Wii. Other than Wii Sports and now Metroid 3, I have yet to find anything worth playing.

Nat recommended a Nintendo DS, and you guys had some great suggestions back in September. So far the only one I liked was Metroid Hunters (the control is so similar to the Wii, that its a pleasure to play) and am still making my way through the Sudoku's on the DS.

I tried Halo3 but with its up/down/left/right-cursor-like technology to aim at enemies, it feels almost like am playing with a keyboard in 1988. After using the Wii for point-and-shoot, anything short of that for point-and-shoot feels unnatural. Like when the dentist stuffs your mouth with junk and still tries to have a conversation with you or trying to use a bendy straw for snorkeling.

So am looking at expanding my Console Empire at home and purchasing either a PS3 or an XBox360. Aaron insists that I should not get the PS3 because Blue Ray this-and-that which I do not particularly care about.

Aaron also claims that eventually you get used to up/down/left/right. I guess I will have to live with that, as the Wii is barely getting any games worth playing. And as a rule, I do not play anything that glorifies war, but am OK shooting at strange looking aliens.

So am stuck, and willing to learn to use those unnatural controls on the PS3 and the XBox if there is something worth playing.

Dear readers, what should I get, PS3 or XBox? And which games are worth playing? I do not care about movies on demand, or whatever other TV features they are trying to sell me, I already have Tivo HD and Tivo with DVD playback and recording.

You can either email me or post here your suggestions.

Posted on 08 Dec 2007