Aaron and Banshee

by Miguel de Icaza

Today I walked into Aaron's office unannounced and I just saw him glowing. Like a girl that has been kissed for the first time, like a donkey in the spring.

A voice in the background was narrating Banshee features, and I was wondering just what is that noise?

As I went around to his monitor to see what he was watching and listening to, I saw this Linux.com review on Banshee that included a screencast/podcast.

He was *so* excited that he was actually watching it in three computers at once.

I could not believe it.

Three computers at once. One, two and three. All playing the podcast. At the same time.

I was speechless.

From economic mastermind to flattered developer.

He said to me: "I have never seen a production of such caliber" as he listened to the background music in the above podcast.

I just stood there quietly. Unsuspectingly recovering the Twix office supply.

Posted on 03 Jul 2008