Office Justice, at Last!

by Miguel de Icaza

For the past few weeks, since Aaron Bockover found out that some of us like Twix. He then bought all the 70 cent twixes in the vending machine at the office and started reselling them for a dollar.

Michael struck back by bringing fruits and vegetables today. To which Aaron replied "I hope those fruits rot".

Today the machine was refilled:

This has brought finally an end to the empire of speculation from this rapacious market meddler. With at least 12 new twix bars injected into the local office economy we should enjoy a smooth sailing for the rest of the week.

Update: Some sources inform me that Aaron was trying to create an artificial scarcity in the office by buying the remaining 12 twixes, he hit a glitch in the machine, he got two bars for the price of one.

This is not bodding well for the local Twix aficionados:

Update 2: Capitalism knows no limits:

Update 3: To add insult to injury, he is now selling individual Twix bars for 70 cents each, or a full pack for 1 dollar.

Update 4: We will be picketing Aaron's office at 4pm this afternoon:

Posted on 17 Jun 2008