Google IG and Sudoku

by Miguel de Icaza

A few months ago, am not sure how, but Nat talked me into getting a widescreen laptop. I no longer remember what were the touted benefits of it, but this warpig of a machine is both buggy and heavy.

Since the warpig is just too heavy to carry home every day (and also requires a base station hooked up to high-def output to stay at 2.4 GHz of speed) I just leave it at work and use my five year old computer at home to surf the internets. When I bought the machine I remember distinctively describing it to friends as "a silent computer". Five years later every time I load a new web page the fans make as much noise as the construction site across the street. Was I deaf back then, or did the fans become dirty and loud?

I am a fan of Google IG, and recently I discovered that they have a tiny IDE that you can add to your Google IG page. So I decided to try to write a Silverlight Sudoku application entirely using that tiny editor in my old computer at home:

I actually cheated a little and used Emacs here and there every once in a while.

But I ended up with this cute Sudoku/Silverlight application that has exactly one puzzle:

I am very proud of my one-puzzle Sudoku because it has some of the features that I like from Big Bang's Sudoku (click to flag, double click to set the value, hints) and some cute and simple animations that I wrote in xaml and shows my allegiance to the clean and simple configuration religion:

I published it on IG as "Moonlight Sudoku". To add it to your IG home page, go here and click "Add to Google".

Now the only problem with it is that it seems to work just fine with Firefox but seems to have problems with IE and Safari. I must be doing something wrong with Javascript, but I have no idea what it could be. If you can find the bug, let me know so I can make it work on other browser.

My toy sudoku only has one puzzle, this is clearly a design decision to prevent people from becoming addicted to Moonlight Sudoku. But if you know of a source of http-fetchable Sudoku puzzles, let me know, as I might want to revisit this design decision to include more puzzles.

You can download the self-contained module (ig + html + xaml + js) from here. You might also need the Silverlight.js file.

In clear violation of David Mamet's advise to the aspiring actor, I am now going to act surprised:

In other news, Firefox 3 RC1 came out, and the release notes have nothing to say about the bugs that prevent Silverlight from working with it.

Posted on 17 May 2008