Games Worth Playing

by Miguel de Icaza

As you might know, I do not consider myself a gamer although I now understand the Penny Arcade cartoon.

I have done my best in the past year to increasing BestBuy and Game Stop share holder value by dumping thousands of dollars in my quest to be entertained by video games.

The games that I actuall enjoyed playing are very few:

  • Wii Sports, but the fun fades away after a couple of months.
  • Metroid Prime 3, on the Wii, fantastic controls.
  • Ratchet and Clank on the PS3, incredibly fun.
  • Bioshock on the xbox360, by far, my favorite game.
  • Ratchet and Clank on the PSP, just because I love the PS3 version so much.
  • Sudoku on the DS.
  • Update: I forgot the incredibly fun Simpsons game.

I continue to refuse to play propaganda games and do not enjoy sport games, racing games or fantasy games. I could not get into the games in the Orange Box, even if everyone loves it (Portal was ok). And I have not tried Rock Band or Guitar Hero because I do not want to have a drumset ont he living room.

I guess I like games that have a developing story and are not very repetitive.

Is there anything like Bioshock on the game pipeline?

Posted on 18 May 2008