More Mono-based games on the iPhone

by Miguel de Icaza

Update: as of September there are at least 258 games on the AppStore build with Unity3D according to this interview. And 5 out of the Top100 applications are Unity based.

Randy Edmonds pointed out in my previous post that FlashBang Studios's RaptorCopter is not the first or the only Unity3D/Mono-based game on the Apple AppStore.

I counted almost 40 apps on the AppStore based on Mono, from the thread here.

These are a few other games available today from the AppStore that are powered by Mono:

  • Downhill Bowling (5 stars), (screenshots and video).
  • Billiards.
  • SpacePig.
  • Age of Curling.
  • Dusktreaders.
  • X-Razer.
  • Tapball (video).
  • InvinciBall (video).
  • SlidePop.
  • FuguMaze.
  • Monkey Diving (video).
  • Ball-X (with the dash in the middle, or you wont find it).
  • FuguTilt.
  • Pizza Dash (you deliver pizzas in a car).
  • Debris (you do controlled demolitions).
  • Trash it!
  • Rotunda.
  • Asteroid Strike.
  • Crazy Snowboard (and 2.0).
  • Bubble Bang (video).
  • iStronaut Willy.
  • Bounce Pop.
  • Labyrinth 3D.
  • FuguBall.
  • SpaceRace (video).
  • iDrone.
  • Mars Explorer.

Word games:

  • Christmas spell.
  • Alpha Blocks: Brain Freeze.

Not really games, but cool hacks:

  • Moobox 3D, cute!
  • Widget Monkey.
  • Butterflies.
  • Dice 3D.
  • Night Divine.
  • Rainbow Day.
  • Zen of Snow and Zen of Snow 2.
  • Jingle Bells.
  • ArtiFISHal Life (3D Aquarium).
  • Leaves.
  • iFeathers.
  • Bobblehead Santa.


  • Cricket (from SpinFast).
  • Rock'em Blocks (video).
  • Pelagic Tones.

Posted on 07 Jan 2009