Mono in LinuxAsia 2006

by Miguel de Icaza

Hari, which is in charge of Mono's C# compiler, will be representing Mono at LinuxAsia 2006 in New Delhi. He will do a few talks and will also be at the Novell booth.

Posted on 07 Feb 2006


by Miguel de Icaza

The company where my friend Juantom´┐Żs works just got funded by Skype and Google (18 million Euros).

They are pitching an interesting way of providing WiFi access everywhere by having people donate their bandwidth. See what they are doing.

Posted on 06 Feb 2006

XMLmark and Mono Performance Improvements

by Miguel de Icaza

Atsushi has posted the result from his optimization week running the XMLmark benchmark. Very good results for a week of work, the graphs show transactions per second and the Mono revision number:

DOM performance plot SAX performance plot

See his post for all the details on this work.

Windows.Forms updates

Peter has posted an update to the Mono Windows Forms blog on their current work here.

Sebastien posted some nice screenshots of the new region code in libgdiplus:


See his blog for further discussion.

Mono on MacOSX/Intel

Geoff has been working on porting Mono to OSX/Intel, his progres report as well as the testing DMG are here.


For the upcoming versions of Mono, we will be splitting the gtk-sharp packages to reduce the dependencies that a given application needs.

So if you just use Gtk+ your application will not pull all the Gnome stack to run.

Posted on 03 Feb 2006

I love Jackson

by Miguel de Icaza

From #mono-winforms IRC channel today:

<jackson> man at what point in your life do you start bootlegging OS videos.

Posted on 02 Feb 2006

Novell Linux Desktop Demo

by Miguel de Icaza

Nat is in Paris demoing the upcoming Novell Linux Desktop, PC world has a description of his talk.

Posted on 01 Feb 2006

Mono Series from Addison Wesley

by Miguel de Icaza

Erik just announced that he is the series editor for a number of books on Mono for Addison Wesley.

Posted on 01 Feb 2006

C5 Generics Class Library

by Miguel de Icaza

Peter Sestoft released version 1.0 of his C5 generics library for C#, it is available here:

C5 provides functionality and data structures not provided by the standard .Net System.Collections.Generic namespace, such as tree data structures, heap based priority queues and hash indexed array lists and linked lists, making it more comprehensive than collection class libraries on similar platforms, such as Java. Unlike many other collection class libraries, C5 is designed with a strict policy of supporting "code to interface not implementation".

C5 is documented on his technical report and he also has the docs online.

Mono bundles his old 0.5 library, we will be upgrading the library soon.

Posted on 01 Feb 2006

Microsoft Documentation Browser -- Help Needed

by Miguel de Icaza

When am browsing documentation for an API on the .NET Framework in the Microsoft Documentation Browser I get the signature for the method in a bunch of languages.

I typically only care about the C# signature, I really do not care about the other five languages. Now, when I turn them off with the "Language Filter: " to only show C# that works fine as long as I do not try to read another page. As soon as I switch to a different API the filter is reset and shows "All" again.

I tried Googling for an answer. I even tried search-dot-msn-dot-com-ing it, but I could not find any way of forcing the doc browser to keep it funky.

Posted on 30 Jan 2006

Mono ships on Nexenta, OpenSolaris-based OS

by Miguel de Icaza

As the subject says, Mono, Beagle and F-Spot are now included in the second beta of Nexenta.

Nexenta is an operating system built on top of the OpenSolaris core and the Debian userland.

Beagle is the Mono-based desktop search that we implemented at Novell (similar in spirit to Google Desktop search or Apple's spotlight).

F-Spot is our personal photo management software.

This is great, and we look forward to help the Nexenta developers with any issues they might have with Mono on OpenSolaris.

Although to reach magnificent-hack status we still need Sun and Apple to ship Mono.


Oh, and if you have not seen the video from the previous blog entry, you should.

Posted on 30 Jan 2006

Funny Video

by Miguel de Icaza

This video is too funny.

Gobble, gobble.

Posted on 30 Jan 2006

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