Italy in September

by Miguel de Icaza

Am doing a lecture at Bertrand Meyer's Summer School in the Elba Island in September.

Since am going to be in the area, am considering staying some extra days in Italy and visit some cities with Laura (not quite sure if we should go north to Milan, or south to Rome).

Anyways, I would love to do a presentation on the Desktop and Mono to the local Linux User Groups or .NET groups as I do not go to Italy very often.

If you are interested, please drop me an email; Hurry up, am booking my flights soon :-)

Update: Laura votes to include Florence in the equation.

Posted on 09 Aug 2006


by Miguel de Icaza

On the double super secret background channel #ipodsharp:

	<tseng> hating mono makes you ugly

Posted on 07 Aug 2006

Lluis, in Mexico

by Miguel de Icaza

Lluis, Web Services, Remoting and MonoDevelop hacker extraordinaire is going to Mexico.

He is looking for a few recommendations on touristic activities he can do while there, and if you are interested in Mono, MonoDevelop, free software and hacking on Linux, you should try to hook up with him in Veracruz (GULEV) or at the FSL in Puerto Vallarta.

Posted on 07 Aug 2006

Dirvish: Linux's Time Machine

by Miguel de Icaza

At GUADEC, Keith Packard pointed me to a pretty nice piece of software: Dirvish which snapshots your system every time you run it.

The nice bit is that you can browse your system at any point in time, from the site:

With dirvish you can maintain a set of complete images of your filesystems with unattended creation and expiration. A dirvish backup vault is like a time machine for your data.

Seems like Apple today announced a GUI for a similar system. They also announced thumbnails for document searches, very much in the spirit of Beagle.

A little archaeological story is that Beagle was one of those technologies in which open source beat everyone else to the release.

We developed Beagle in the open, and talked about it (and its predecessor Dashboard) for months before Spotlight was announced. In fact, Beagle was demonstrated and announced on the same day that Apple's Dashboard was, a few hours in advance at the GUADEC 2004 conference in Norway.

The press coverage of GUADEC vs Apple was a little bit different though :-).

Posted on 07 Aug 2006

SUSE on ThinkPad T60p, follow up

by Miguel de Icaza

Shawn emailed me, he has a ThinkPad T60p and was experiencing a few problems with his SLED 10 setup on the ThinkPad. I replied with what I had done, and luckily his problems are gone.

This is roughly what he emailed me, and roughly what worked for him, and it probably depends on the settings chosen at installation time:

Xgl was not working: to get Xgl working, go to the control center, type "xgl", run the applet that shows up, and click "Enable 3D effects", then do the usual, "yes", "ok", "I accept", "yeah", "yeah", "yeah"; The applet will log you out and log you back into Xgl. You will be done. There is no need to manually configure Xgl.

Suspend does not work: As root, go to the Power Save control applet, and change the event for "close lid" to be "suspend to ram". If you need to debug this, from a root shell, you can use "powersave --suspend-to-ram" and "dmesg", repeat until done;

X applications do not open sometimes: this is caused because DHCP is set to "change hostname on DHCP" requests. For some reason X applications are not happy with changes in the hostname. I have no idea why. I personally have not experienced this, but I guessed that it was DHCP changing the host name.

Solution: Make sure that your network setting does not change the hostname. I have no idea why this happens, but this is what happens. Just do not let DHCP change your hostname.

Posted on 07 Aug 2006

SLED Review in German

by Miguel de Icaza

Pro-Linux: I can not read German, but this page has a review of SLED 10 with cute animations in assorted video formats.

DerStandard: their review has a *ton* of screenshots.

The title: `Novell sets a new standard for the Linux desktop'. Thanks Andreas!

eWeek: Ok, this one is not in German, but its still pretty good: here, it has this to say about Banshee and F-Spot, two of the Mono based applications in SLED: SLED includes very nice photo and music management applications---F-Spot and Banshee, respectively.

These Mono-based applications should be easy to port to Windows, the article recommends Novell to get these applications supported as a Novell bundle on Windows.

Posted on 07 Aug 2006

Good News! Gtk# and Tomboy as part of Gnome

by Miguel de Icaza

Gtk# and Tomboy have been accepted into the new module list for GNOME 2.16.

In preparation for this, Mike Kestner has been splitting up the gtk-sharp tarball to fit the release team requirements.

In addition, Alex's Tomboy is now also part of Gnome 2.16.

Posted on 05 Aug 2006

SUSE Preloaded on Lenovo T60p

by Miguel de Icaza

The latest SUSE Linux Desktop (SLED) is now being preloaded with the ThinkPad T60p from Lenovo.

Am a happy SLED user myself on the exact same machine, this is the first time the whole experience has been completely smooth from Linux: XGL works out of the box, suspend works just fine, Google Earth is smooth, configuring a printer took only a couple of clicks.

I sadly bought got my machine before this preload deal was out, so I ended up with another XP license.

SLED is available for download from here

Posted on 05 Aug 2006


by Miguel de Icaza

War by Tantrum.

War by Tantrum II.

The War Party.

Robert Fisk articles reporting from Beirut are now open to the public, no payment required.

Robert asks Is this why all the foreign warships came and took their citizens away, to make Beirut safe to destroy?:

What in the meanwhile is happening to Lebanon? Bridges and buildings can be reconstructed - with European Union loans, no doubt - but many Lebanese are now questioning the institutions of the democracy for which the US was itself so full of praise last year. What is the point of a democratically elected Lebanese government which cannot protect its people? What is the point of a 75,000-member Lebanese army which cannot protect its nation, which cannot be sent to the border, which does not fire on Lebanon's enemies and which cannot disarm Hizbollah? Indeed, for many Lebanese Shias, Hizbollah is now the Lebanese army.


And do the Israelis realise that they are legitimising Hizbollah, that a rag-tag army of guerrillas is winning its spurs against an Israeli army and air force whose targets - if intended - prove them to be war criminals and if unintended suggest that they are a rif-raff little better than the Arab armies they have been fighting, on and off, for more than half a century? Extraordinary precedents are being set in this Lebanon war.

Posted on 05 Aug 2006

Zen, Avalon and J2EE

by Miguel de Icaza

For those curious, Wesner has some background on the discussion we had at Lang.NET that prompted my previous blog entry.

Joe Beda, a former developer of Avalon, follows up and complements it.

Some folks emailed me to tell me that they love Avalon and that it works fine for them. Am glad you are happy with it, and did not want to spoil your fun. Some people also liked J2EE.


I had a beautiful reply to follow up, but Gonzalo wisely scissored-it up. He did not think paraphrasing Doctor Gonzo was appropriate.

Posted on 04 Aug 2006

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