by Miguel de Icaza

Philip, C# and the CLI have built-in support for async workers. Every delegate has support for asynchronous execution with BeginInvoke and EndInvoke.

Posted on 06 Jun 2005

Video Blogging

by Miguel de Icaza

Nat: do you want me to record this?

Robert: You are recording this.

Nat: am not recording.

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    Robert: you are not blogging this.

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    Nat: we are traveling at one half a mile per hour.

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  • Posted on 06 Jun 2005

    Glynn's 101 Things to Know About Gnome

    by Miguel de Icaza

    Awesome presentation available here.

    Posted on 02 Jun 2005

    Scripting Evolution with C#

    by Miguel de Icaza

    Michael Zucchi brings us C# bindings for Evolution.

    Look at his incredibly cute program.

    Posted on 01 Jun 2005

    "Thank God the French had the Common Sense to Read the Document"

    by Miguel de Icaza

    Confused about the EU constitution?

    Typically, we think of a constitution as a document that embraces the highest ideals of a people; laying out clear guidelines for safeguarding civil liberties and the rule of law; not a compendium of perks for big business and their cronies in high finance. The EU constitution simply hands over more power to an ``unelected'' class of euro-parasites who want to suck the life out of the social welfare system that has raised the standard of living for the middle class to the highest in the world. The French were smart enough to say, ``non!''

    From here. It is a fun read.

    Posted on 31 May 2005

    Mono and Wikipedia

    by Miguel de Icaza

    As of last Friday, Wikipedia started using Mono for indexing and searching the Wikipedia, it was tested first on one server and it is now being used on all three servers.

    Wikipedia's search backend uses Mono and dotLucense, the same search backend that is used by Beagle Desktop Search. Previously, Wikipedia had been using GCJ and Lucene to do the searches but after some tuning, Mono became the new engine.

    Mono 1.1.6 which was the originally tested configuration was slow, but version 1.1.7 introduced our simplified IO layer which improved IO performance significantly (2x-3x) and upcoming versions will an extra boost on IO, but most importantly the regular expression library (which MediaWiki uses) will also get a performance boost.

    Mono: Debian and Ubuntu.

    Mono is now on Debian/Unstable.

    The details about this adoption are here.

    Mark Shuttleworth announced today at his keynote in Guadec that Mono had been integrated into Ubuntu. He is looking forward to integrate IronPython into the distribution as well.

    Usability in Gnome

    Calum, I think I mentioned that Sun did usability studies, but I should probably stressed that more. I was refering mostly to the fact that we sometimes argue about usability, but do not have the data to back it up.

    I will be eternally grateful to Sun's work on Gnome usability testing and of course its code contributions.

    Posted on 30 May 2005

    Best Guadec Ever

    by Miguel de Icaza

    This year's Guadec conference has been amazing. The organization has been fantastic, the volunteers great and the talks superb. All of the rooms are packed. Non-stop talking with people all day. Best demos ever.

    Immendio, Fluendo and Movil (sp) are significant players at this conference. And the Nokia devices are very cute.

    Am exhausted, going to sleep.

    Posted on 29 May 2005

    Ulrich Drepper

    by Miguel de Icaza

    Duncan today pointed me to Ulrich Drepper's blog (Libc and binutils hacker).

    McVoy and Innovation

    Just last night I was writing a response to his quote on MIT Tech Review but decided to finish it another day just to find this morning that he now has a longer rant in Forbes magazine, as incorrect and as naive as the Tech Review quote.

    Will post from Germany my reply.

    Posted on 26 May 2005

    Nokia and Gnome

    by Miguel de Icaza

    The big news of the day is that Nokia has released their internet tablet. Effectively a tiny handheld computer based on Linux, Gtk+, an Opera/Gtk+ and GStreamer (I previously stated that they used WebCore/Gtk+, but I was wrong).

    The developer site is very interesting:

    This is the first mass-market use of Gnome technologies, this is *very* exciting.

    Of course, its only missing Mono for extended productivity.

    Posted on 25 May 2005

    Lame Blog Gets 20 Lines of Changes

    by Miguel de Icaza

    LameBlog is 5% better today. It now supports multiple-posts per day, and uses the file time for the timestamp, includes prev/next navigation and it sucks 1% less.

    Posted on 24 May 2005

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