Chema Celorio, we will miss you

by Miguel de Icaza

Chema Celorio, a good friend for the past four years died yesterday on a skydiving accident in Mexico City.

The Gnome folks might remember Chema for taking over gEdit, the Gnome Printing platform and later on managing the Ximian team in Mexico and the Ximian Desktop effort. He was became famous for being the #1 bug reporter to Gnumeric, and a close friend to everyone that met him.

He helped bring newbies by fueling the Gnome-Love project, a project, where developers would be hand-hold, and no question was too simple to be asked.

Chema was passionate about skydiving, technology and free software. He was preparing for a mexican record of skydiving in the upcoming weeks. We had dinner frequently when he was in town, and he would always ask the right questions, and make us laugh all.

Just two weeks ago Maria and I had him for dinner at home, and we taught him to cook crepes. We will miss him.

There is a skydiver's forum: in Mexico.

Chema was thinking about moving to Europe.

I have a few pictures I took from Chema, from Barcelona in September: here, here, here, here, here and here.

Nat has a picture of Chema last year at the Cave.

Nat comments

Posted on 10 Nov 2003

Back from the PDC

by Miguel de Icaza

Am back in Boston from the PDC. Lots of improvements to the .NET Framework in the short-term, and some very interesting but still early work for the long term.

Will post all my notes on Monday, once I decompress.

Posted on 01 Nov 2003

Vietnam goes Open Source

by Miguel de Icaza

The Vietnameese government goes Open Source. WOW

Posted on 30 Oct 2003

Mono Get Together at the PDC

by Miguel de Icaza

Mono people: Lets get together on Tuesday 28th at 6pm at the West Tower Lobby in the LA Conventions Center at the PDC to discuss Mono. Pass the message.

After this we can head over to the "Meet the Experts" session at 7pm.

Posted on 28 Oct 2003

More Mono at the PDC

by Miguel de Icaza

Tomorrow we will devise a plot to get more people interested in Mono to get together; My plan right now is to take over one of those empty areas around 7pm and just get together around the tables. I spotted a few places that seem to be deserted, will confirm tomorrow, and we can have a massive Mono love-fest.

Posted on 27 Oct 2003

Mono Meeting tonight

by Miguel de Icaza

The fine folks at the `Microsoft and Academia' BOF have welcomed us to participate on their track so we can discuss Mono from an academic perspective.

The BOF is at 7pm at the Conventions Center.

BOF Patching

We just arrived to the PDC, and we put open source in practice and did some patching of the BOF announcements to reflect the Mono session.

Posted on 26 Oct 2003

PDC time

by Miguel de Icaza

After a nice evening improving the new System.Drawing foundation built by Alexandre am ready for some airplane hacking. Will be arriving early to LA for the Microsoft PDC.


I have arrived to LA, we are staying at the Hyatt, feel free to leave messages to get in touch with me. and Lluis will be arriving later today.

C# 2.0 specs have been published

The language specs for C# have been published

Posted on 24 Oct 2003


by Miguel de Icaza

As I upgraded the hard drive on my machine today --which took a few hours to copy the rats' nest that is my home directory-- I begun the process of assimilating the GDIPlus Flat API.

A few weeks ago, Alexandre Pigolkine, Jordi Mas and myself were discussing the development roadblocks that we had with System.Drawing (as part of the Windows.Forms effort). The problem is that we made one of the most common engineering mistakes: when faced with the issue of multiple choices, instead of choosing one, we chose them all.

Being seasoned C# developers, we created an internal interface, and had each backend implement the interface. Then the official System.Drawing API was implemented and it became a multiplexor for the various implementations. We had Win32, Xr and Gtk backends. Of course the issue is that improving the backends becomes fairly hard: a change has to be reflected in five places: three backends, the interface and the multiplexing call site. Not terribly hard for one or two API calls, but it starts to become hard with an API as big as this one. I take all the blame for the mistake.

After some discussion, we decided on a new strategy: System.Drawing would only have one implementation, and this implementation would be based on GDI+. On Windows, the implementation would just call into the real GDI+ library, and on Unix systems we would provide a full implementation of it. To implement GDI+ on Unix, we have based our implementation on Cairo which has pretty much the same imaging model that GDI+ (and PDF) have.

This has several advantages: we maintain and write less code; we can test against the real GDI+ implementation on Windows and remove a variable in the debugging process; and we can contribute this code back to the Wine project.

But plenty of assumptions we had made before do not apply necessarily now. Before we had a managed implementation of the image loaders: it was just as fast as the C code and by virtue of being C# code, by extension it was cooler. But now in this GDI+ world, we will move things like the image loaders into the C code API, and the C# code will become thin wrappers around it.

The above also explains why there is a regression in Windows.Forms and System.Drawing on CVS as opposed to the latest official Mono release. So now I should be able to assist the System.Drawing developers.

Mono Installers

The upcoming Mono not only will add Cairo as a depedency (if you care about System.Drawing), but our internationalization support will also require the International Components for Unicode library.

We will continue to provide packages on Red Carpet, and RPMs on the site for downloading, but we are seriously considering reusing the Ximian Desktop installer to install Mono on a machine. That means that instead of downloading a dozen packages from our site, you would only download one. This hopefully will reduce the number of problems that people have with installations and we would also ship the Apache module pre-configured in the distribution.

Duncan is researching this, and we will keep people posted.

Posted on 21 Oct 2003

Mono Meeting at the PDC

by Miguel de Icaza

Wondering about the organization of a meeting of Mono users at the PDC, it seems like Monday afternoon before the reception, or Thursday are good time slots for getting together.

Alternatively, the Mono folks will be wearing the cool Mono t-shirts, so if you are interested in discussing a Mono topic, feel free to come and join us.

Nat in Bangalore

Today's most beautiful blog update goes to Nat for his fantastic photographic update on the Bangalore trip and his insight on his trip to ramp up the new Novell open source hackers that will be working on improving Gnome, OpenOffice, Mozilla and Mono.

In other news, am going to Bangalore in early December, and I have to plan something with convenient stops in the middle. It has to involve a Paris stop, so I can meet the Mono hackers in Paris, and introduce myself to Fabrice Bellard.

Gnome Summit: New York City

In November the Gnome Hackers will descend into New York for the Gnome Summit where we will talk about the major problems facing the Linux desktop today. This event is a follow up to last years Boston Gnome Summit.

There are tons of new topics for this year that I am looking forward to discuss:

  • Hardware detection: Havoc has posted some initial thoughts on on how to hook hardware detection systems into the stack of applications in the desktop.
  • D-BUS is maturing as a system-wide broadcast and messaging system, and it will be nice to see it plugged into the desktop. We are still lacking Mono bindings for it though.
  • OpenOffice has changed massively since last year, and has a few killer features. It took Mozilla three years to go from open-source code base to best browser on the desktop. And developers are slowly, but steadily joining the OpenOffice project. Am looking forward to meet Michael and get an update on it.
  • Mozilla is now on its own, without their original corporate backing, a change of landscape, and am looking forward to meet the Galeon, Epiphany and Firebird developers.
  • Would love to find out what the OSAF guys are up to, and if they have demos, even better!

And of course, get everyone to adopt Mono for their projects, as we know it is the One True Runtime (bug reports, happily accepted

Posted on 18 Oct 2003

No Mono BOF at the PDC

by Miguel de Icaza

I just received a letter from the INETA PDC organizers informing me that the Mono BOF would not be happening. I was looking forward to discuss Mono. The BOF suggestion had a pretty good rating and hat plenty of voters, I guess it was a far stretch to have Microsoft have a BOF on Mono :-)

Notice that there is an estimated of 60 BOF talks, but only 48 were approved.

If there are people interested, we can still sit down and discuss Mono at the PDC, there will be at least three of us: Gonzalo, Lluis and myself.

Posted on 15 Oct 2003

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