Compiz Roadmap

by Miguel de Icaza

David has posted a roadmap for Compiz. It is all about the core engine, not much about plugins.

It also seems like a new repository for plugins will be created.

Also, he released a new version of Compiz, it is much smoother than the Compiz I have installed on my laptop.

Posted on 23 Nov 2006


by Miguel de Icaza

A Linux distribution that contains only 3 binaries compiled with the C compiler: the kernel, libc and perl.

Someone needs to do a Mono/Linux distribution and follow the steps of these guys ;-)

Posted on 23 Nov 2006


by Miguel de Icaza

Uri Avneri on the ongoing massacre in Gaza.

Gideon Levy:

"Gaza threatens to become Chechnya. There are thousands of wounded, disabled and shell-shocked people in Gaza, unable to receive any treatment. Those on respirators are liable to die due to the frequent power outages since Israel bombed the power plant. Tens of thousands of children suffer from existential anxiety, while their parents are unable to provide help. They are witnesses to sights that even Gaza's old-timers have never seen before".

Posted on 22 Nov 2006

Update: Mono on the Nokia 770

by Miguel de Icaza

Paolo has blogged his updates on running Mono on the Nokia 770, with the techincal details about the port.

Posted on 20 Nov 2006

Top 10 reasons against DRM

by Miguel de Icaza

From Reddit, Top 10 Reasons against DRM.

And a nice new discovery Defective by Design.Org.

Posted on 19 Nov 2006

AjaxPro in Mono

by Miguel de Icaza

Michael Schwarz has a tutorial for Windows users that are using the Mono VMware image on how to run their ASP.NET and AjaxPro applications on Mono.

The tutorial is a step-by-step tutorial on how to move your files from Windows to Linux and accessing it from there.

At the end of the article, he focuses on running the application with XSP, I left a comment on how to run it with Apache:

Running xsp in a console is similar to running Microsoft "Cassini" server, it is a small web server, and it is not very powerful.

The VMWare image comes with both the small server, and Apache integration (which would be equivalent to running your ASP.NET with IIS on the Windows world).

To run your applications with Apache, instead of xsp, just put your whole ASP.NET application in the /srv/www/htdocs directory.

To go there, just open the file manager, type Control-L, that will open the location bar, and enter /srv/www/htdocs

Copy the files there, and you are done, say you the directory MyWeb20App in /srv/www/htdocs, now you can browse to that location by going to:


Posted on 18 Nov 2006

Mono on the Nokia 770 2006 OS

by Miguel de Icaza

Paolo has completed the support for the new ABI on the Nokia 770 which was part of the OS upgrade earlier this year.

The code currently lives in SVN, and will be part of the upcoming Mono 1.2.1.

But now would be a good time to use the new dependency tracking system on the Nokia and package all the Mono components.

Posted on 16 Nov 2006

More Mono Games

by Miguel de Icaza

I read on the Unity web site that FreeVerse is shipping their first Unity-based game.

And we are of course very proud of it, because Mono is driving all of those effects.

Mono is 10 megs out of the 66 megs in the distribution. Now that our embeddable eglib has been completed, we can shrink down an extra megabyte from the game download.

Posted on 16 Nov 2006

Open Sourcing of Java

by Miguel de Icaza

Congratulations to the Sun guys for the open sourcing of Java, another great contribution of Sun to free software.

I blogged about this in the past, but it is worth linking to it again, as I raised what I think are some interesting points regarding the open source community and implementation of large bodies of code.

Also, from reading Slashdot today I get the impression that there is too much of zero-sum mindset, a feeling that those of us in the Mono community would not be happy about this development, which is nonsense. We are after all, free software developers. Maybe this is based on the assumption that we are competing for the same contributors, and hence a fear of scarcity prevails. I like to think that although there is some overlap, our communities are vastly different.

Or maybe it is not a zero-sum mindset, but merely a matter of rooting for the home team brought to the world of programming languages.

In any case, a big hug to all the folks involved in open sourcing Java, am sure there will be quite a lot to learn from it, and am sure distributions cant wait for the full SDK release next year.

Update: interesting post from Tim Bray and Sam Ruby on the subject.

Posted on 13 Nov 2006

HeapShot - New Memory Profiler

by Miguel de Icaza

Lluis checked-in last week a new memory profiler for Mono applications.

He originally created this profiler based on `heap-buddy', while trying to understand memory consumption in MonoDevelop. I used it last week to trim down 340k of Tomboy memory consumption (removed a Hashtable that contained bools).

If you are a Mono application developer, you will find this tool very helpful in finding where your memory is going. It will look your app look better (and Mono look better ;-)

Joe and Larry will hopefully be pleased.

The profiler lives in module `heap-shot' on SVN.

For more information see Lluis' Blog

Posted on 13 Nov 2006

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