by Miguel de Icaza

I will be doing a Mono presentation at Linux World Expo on thursday 31 in New York City.

And I have been invited to Columbia University (wooohoo!) to do a talk on Mono on Wednesday 30. You are welcome to come. Details are here

Posted on 28 Jan 2002


by Miguel de Icaza

Woohooo! Galeon, Evolution and new Mozilla are on Red Carpet!

I have switched from Mozilla to Galeon for my browsing needs. Funny fact: I installed Galeon to try their Smart Bookmark feature (where you get a Google toolbar entry and a Bugzilla toolbar entry) and never noticed that I did not miss Mozilla at all.

It uses the same Mozilla engine, but the GUI integrates much better with GNOME and it is a lot more responsive. The tabbed feature has gone from proof of concept to a fairly usable implementation and the auto-portal is really nice.

Posted on 26 Jan 2002


by Miguel de Icaza

Interesting article on Gnumeric. It is written in Spanish.

It talks about GNOME-DB, the Basic support in Gnumeric and Guppi. Interesting overview.


I find the WinerLog funny. It apparently has a built-in 2-second delay in editthispage to discourage people from reading it.

Posted on 24 Jan 2002


by Miguel de Icaza

Just purchased a new camera: the Fuji FinePix 6800.

Time to hit reload and see when is it going to be delivered.


I had breakfast with Eben Moglen this morning.

Posted on 21 Jan 2002


by Miguel de Icaza

You can read an interview with Chema here. Chema is not only in charge of our Mexico City development office, he is also in charge of the desktop team at Ximian.


It has been a while since I have updated the status of Mono here. Mono has been doing an enourmous ammount of progress

Posted on 20 Jan 2002

by Miguel de Icaza

Mancha on the 100 franc bill. One day before the Euro kicks-in.

Posted on 31 Dec 2001


by Miguel de Icaza

Using statement is finished, hundreds of small bugs fixed as well. Did some hacking on the JIT engine, entertaining.

Posted on 09 Dec 2001


by Miguel de Icaza

Top level order at CNN to downplay civilian deaths in Afghanistan.

I found the link at

Hunger starts to strike in Afghanistan

As stated by those informed (Chomsky also brought this up in his MIT talk) hunger in Afghanistan among refugees is starting to make its toll with many civilian deaths.

"She hadn't eaten anything for 10 days," Baran said. "We have no tent, either. She froze to death last night."

Baran brought his family to this camp outside the city of Herat 10 days ago from Badghis. Like hundreds of other families at Maslakh, which means "slaughterhouse," they have no shelter and are not yet eligible for food distributions.

These people do not have to worry anymore about the evil Taliban inflicting pain on them. They have been liberated and released from these evil-doers. These people thank the bombing for releasing their souls from the evil oppression.

Ximian Mexico

Went today to the Ximian Mexico offices and met with Israel, Javier, Tambet (who is visiting town), Chema, Arturo. Federico was missing as he spilled coffee on his keyboard.

Chema and I went to La Buena Tierra for an early dinner, and then across the street for some coffe. Very good location picked for the Ximian offices in Mexico.


Went out with Mancha, Arturo, and Cynthia to Los Bigotes de Villa.

Posted on 30 Nov 2001


by Miguel de Icaza

Implemented the base operator in Mono. While writing the test suite I ran into another piece of the compiler that I have neglected and have to start working on (mostly visibility issues).


Today I was a guest at the Zona Libre a radio show that talks about Linux in Mexico City and broadcast from the University.

We had a lot of fun: Mancha, Arturo, Natorro and I were there, together with a bunch of guys that run this volunteer radio organization.

They have Pictures of the show, and you can also get the Audio (in spanish) and the IRC log

Posted on 29 Nov 2001

by Miguel de Icaza

Posted on 28 Nov 2001

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