by Miguel de Icaza

An interview with David Stutz on Mono.


Wired's top article on Linux World Expo has some very nice things to say about what what we are doing


Still more interviews today, pretty good.

Posted on 29 Aug 2001


by Miguel de Icaza

Going to San Francisco for LWE. This week is going to be super exciting!

Last night I went to sleep very late, as I was reading some of the Winforms code. Doing a lot of learning, and a lot of coding.

We arrived at the airport at 3:20, the airplane left at 3:25. We were the last two people to jump on board, so we got special seats (seats that are usually reserved for the crew).

There was a little TV, and I asked Nat `What do think that button on the left of the screen does'. This button, I have to say is very misterious. Nat pressed the button a few times.

Later a stewardess came and Nat asked `What does that button do?'. And she answered: `It shuts down the TV for the rest of the flight'. As it turns out, that was not a joke. We flew without any flight entertainment.

The food on AA is getting worse every time I fly it. This time I got chicken, and it consisted of a very very tiny piece of chicken (the equivalent of two mozarella sticks).


The compiler is coming out very nicely. It is amazing how simple the C# language is. It is clean and simple, anyone can write a compiler for this thing with relatively little effort.

Started to read the SGI Pro compiler source code, which is very interesting.

Posted on 26 Aug 2001


by Miguel de Icaza

Saw the new Woody Allen movie. Have to see this movie a few more times.

Saw the new movie from Amenabar. Excellent. A miggy-pick. That guy has done 3 outstanding movies in a row. Thesis still being my favorite.

Posted on 25 Aug 2001


by Miguel de Icaza

One year celebration of the presetation of `No Llores Ojos Azules', the play from Sergio. I need to set up a nice image gallery, because I have hundreds of pictures of the event.

Sergio Zurita, Jaime L�pez and Fernando Magari�os.

Posted on 16 Aug 2001


by Miguel de Icaza

In Mexico this week.


Laura, Mancha and I went to the Blu to have some dinner. Good tuna sashimi. Afterwards we went to cluny to satisfy Mancha's wild desire for chocolate crepes.

Posted on 06 Aug 2001


by Miguel de Icaza

Jacob pointed me today to this post from Alan on the ACPI list:

Sony have their own problems, from trying to sell cd's that will blow up innocent users speakers upwards. The big problem with AML is the moment someone puts any kind of content protection system into their AML control code people will risk a five year jail sentence in the US merely for owning an AML disassembler


The new control center is pretty nice.

The Setup Tools are integrated there as well.


Evolution Beta 2 is out. Probably the most advanced GNOME application out there.

I have started migrating slowly to Evolution, I still have a couple of gigs worth of email in my Gnus setup, so it is going to take some time.

I discovered today that Evolution comes with a set of templates for your email, which makes html mail very pretty. "My Evolution" is also pretty nice, but i do not have screenshots around.

It is extremely usable right now, I was very impressed with this release quality.

The beauty of Evolution is how it integates so many technologies that we have been developing: The HTML engine has turned out to be extremely good with a built-in editor that supports GUI table editing. The Gnome Print setup generates very nice printed output. Gal is the foundation for a lot of the nice widgets on the screen.

So many things to praise about Evolution. The constant work and polish from Anna, Jakub and Tuomas makes the product look very professional. It is really hard to describe, as everywhere I go, there are new features.

Like the calendar now supports displaying per-category icons. Finally I can put all my birthdays with a nice icon.

The VFolders, where I can quickly see if Nat has sent something urgent are really useful as well.

Connected and disconnected operation. Man, where do the features end? Where? Where?

And then the mailer has these beautiful thumbnails on images that people send you. Oh man, this rules.

What am I doing with Gnus is beyond my comprehension.


Got snapshots going today. Me and Dick started looking at the ORP interfaces to reuse their GC system.

Compiler wise, I started generating assemblies with interface data a couple of days ago, I am currently doing the classes. Very nice hacks.

The bottom line is that using System.Reflection.Emit for a compiler is just beautiful. It is simple, and it is trivial. Man, the power.


A new release of SharpDevelop is out.


I finally installed Red Hat 7.1 on my desktop computer. There are so many patches in that kernel. I could not get a kernel with modules by default. I must be missing something.

Anyways, my HP 8230e CD writer is not working (although it seems like drivers/usb/storage knows about this device). It claims that the device refuses to get an address. Oh well.


Going to Mexico tomorrow. I am all excited and stuff.

Posted on 03 Aug 2001


by Miguel de Icaza

Today we had some funny photo shoots

Posted on 02 Aug 2001


by Miguel de Icaza

Nice video from the Open Source vs Microsoft debate. Look for it yourself

Mitchel and Tim are outstanding on that debate, do not miss it.

Tiemman makes a good point on patents in there. He makes a point on patents and escalation of lost civil liberties, very good point. A smart man.

Dave Winer has another good point

Posted on 01 Aug 2001


by Miguel de Icaza

Stealth viruses: ``Only in the World of Windows would adding 137kilo-bloat to a word processor document be considered "stealthy."''


How to Open SirCam files safely


My record in mail sending has reached this month a new peak: 1679 mails sent so far this month (from Gnus, which is actually a partial count, that does not account for M-x mail and mail) . Compared to my last record: 1290 in May 2000.


Eric Raymond on himself:

Ever since I did "The New Hacker's Dictionary" back in 1991, I've had a strong and humbling feeling that the hacker culture invented me in order to see itself more clearly -- that my recent power as an advocate comes, when it comes, from expressing as purely as possible the dreams and aspirations and values of the hacker tribe.

Posted on 31 Jul 2001


by Miguel de Icaza

Its good to be home. After a week outside home sweet home, I returned and saw a Piano. I did not dare to touch it, as I will loose my self respect as a musician.


I have found some very good quotes on the various postings related to Mono, here are some of the jewels I found:


Whether dealing with Microsoft, Adobe, or any other company, the Open Source community has been nothing short of a simulator of the "Infinite Monkey" effect, where our reactions come from all directions and all viewpoints.

This guy makes an interesting point on how to get organized to have a global single-logon system:

I can not find the others, but they were really good. Someone said something on Petreley: He does not understand a lot about .NET, but he is very afraid of what he does not know

I wish I could get the original quote.


My friend Popochas in Mexico today pointed me to his new news site:, beautiful logo. A web site to discuss open source news for the mexican community.

Today they ran an article that talks about Proceso coverage on the Fox/Gates meeting: here.


The article I wrote on my thoughts on Passport that is on the Mono site appeared on Slashdot today, together with a link to Joe Barr's Linuxtoday article.

Many interesting comments, and I have updated the Passport page to reflect the comments from various people.


I did not know that SSH did not quite work correctly if the authorized keys did not have a space between the comma in the options and the actual key.

This caused some lost time for the various developers that wanted to use the CVS. It should be fixed now, and I apologized already for the mistakes on your's truly ;)

Posted on 30 Jul 2001

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